Dear Future 艺术s 和 Humanities Students:

Sharon Diane Nell, Dean of the 艺术与人文学院.

Embrace the opportunities 和 challenges ... Hop on a plane in 德州, 和 be in Spain in seven hours. Skype你的朋友在巴西. Share ideas with students in South Korea 和 South Africa via video-conferencing classrooms. Champion a global human rights movement on 脸谱网. With every heartbeat, 和 tap of a keyboard, our world becomes more interconnected 和 accessible.

在圣. 365比分网电竞, we prepare you to keep pace with this prolific change 和 embrace the opportunities 和 challenges it brings. In the 艺术与人文学院, it begins by empowering you with knowledge built on proficiencies in writing, 文学, 语言, 哲学, 宗教研究和艺术. These explorations fuel imaginations 和 cultivate abilities to think critically, research topics from diverse perspectives 和 articulate findings 和 insights through writing, 口语和创造性的努力.

All the while, you'll refine your ideas 和 voice. Students present 和 display their work at exhibits 和 symposia. They publish two award-winning 校园 journals, 阿雷特Sorin Oak评论. Students produce 和 perform classics 和 original scripts on stage. Students examine arguments 和 ethics in our Passion 和 Civility debates 和 interact with renowned novelists, poets 和 playwrights in our 访问ing Writers Series. Whatever your artistic or scholarly pursuit, you'll hone 和 share them through your projects 和 research.

The knowledge 和 skills acquired in the 艺术与人文学院 extend across academic disciplines 和 far beyond our Austin, 德州, 校园. 我们的学生, 例如, immerse themselves in international 语言s, cultures 和 business through studies at our partner universities in France, 阿根廷, 日本和其他国家. They explore photography in China 和 event management in Scotl和. They participate in service projects in India, Ug和a 和 Canada.

Amid opportunities like these — grounded in local 和 global realities — our students see the world 和 its people in new ways, 带着理解和尊重. Throughout your educational journey, you'll cultivate qualities such as self-awareness, 意向性, 灵活性, empathy 和 intellectual curiosity.

最重要的是, 你会发现你的激情所在, 优势和目的, preparing you to thrive 和 make a difference in our rapidly changing world.


Dean, 艺术与人文学院