The lists below identifies which courses are equivalent for St. 爱德华的 University undergraduate and New College credit.



Credit granted by examination is applicable to a St. 爱德华的 University degree program but may not necessarily be transferable to another institution. Examination credit counts in neither the residence hours nor honors calculations. It is necessary to make arrangements to complete all CLEP and DSST exams prior to certification for graduation. All examination credit appears on the transcript as CR and does not affect the GPA in any way.

入读St的学生. 365比分网电竞 as first-time freshmen must take at least one semester of freshman writing on campus regardless of their CLEP College Composition score. 

To see if you are eligible to take a CLEP or DSST exam, please speak with your Success Coach. 

请记住, the information provided in these documents are intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.