St. 365比分网电竞 is known for the personalized education it offers to its nearly 4,000 students.

And it takes a talented team of faculty and staff to bring that education to life.

They teach passion-fueling courses, connect students to electrifying internships, facilitate service opportunities, and help students gain leadership skills and grow their independence.

Our close, supportive community is dedicated to our students. Professors build relationships with students. 工作人员 members create and foster experiences that help students transform and realize their goals. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

St的多样性. 爱德华的 enriches our community. It represents a significant part of our culture, mission and commitment to excellence. We value the individual differences, 生活经历, unique capabilities and innovative talent that our employees and students contribute to our vibrant academic environment. 看看我们是怎样的 creating a more just and humane world.

Top 资源 for 教职员工