¡Bienvenidos! 欢迎来到CAMP!

大学援助移民计划(CAMP). 365比分网电竞 is dedicated to serving the higher education needs of migrant students. 在这里, 您将加入一个具有全球视野的关怀社区, critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are passionate about making the world a better place.

作为圣. 爱德华的, you’ll benefit from a highly personalized education tailored to your interests and goals. 帮助你从你的大学经历中收获最多, you’ll receive continuous support from your CAMP success coach, 教授, 辅导员和同学们. 我们致力于你在大学及以后的成功.


因为CAMP是由美国和.S. 教育部和圣. 爱德华的, we follow federal definitions for migrant and seasonal farm work. 要符合CAMP的资格,您必须 符合入学要求 为圣. 爱德华是美国人.S. 公民或合法居民.

要了解更多关于CAMP录取程序的信息, 查看这些特殊材料.

适用于St. 爱德华的


查看我们的 收集照片 记录了圣. 爱德华的. 我们希望你喜欢看这些图片. 


Our CAMP alumni go on to contribute to their local and global communities. 以下是一些值得注意的成就:

  • Jaqueline Olvera CAMP ’14 was one of just 12 students selected to receive the prestigious Presidential Award. 
  • Alfonso Lucio CAMP ’12 was featured on CBS Austin for marching in honor of Cesar E. 查韦斯和工人的权利. 阅读全文
  • Esmeralda Perez CAMP ’11 was highlighted by her alma mater as an outstanding Hilltopper for her impressive work as a mentor.
  • 埃尔维娅·瓦莱夏令营09年入选 “40岁以下40人”“外交政策中的拉美裔” 列表.
  • Nancy Flores CAMP ' 03获得2018年 校友服务奖.

If you have an interest in contributing to CAMP scholar successes, we encourage you to consider 直接捐给CAMP.